2 2+ mercurous ion / mercury(I) ion PO. Polyatomic ion names do not change . 3 2– sulfite Hg. Link to Interactive Transitional Metal Polyatomic Ions * In Per manganate the Per means more charge (add +1 to manganate’s charge), not more oxygen as in perchlorate. ScienceStruck lists down some common polyatomic ions with their charges and oxidation numbers. Hydronium H 3 O +1 Chromate CrO 4-2. Polyatomic Ion Table Formula Name Formula Name NO 3-nitrate ClO4-perchlorate NO 2-nitrite ClO3-chlorate CrO 4 2-chromate ClO2-chlorite Cr2O7 2-dichromate ClO-hypochlorite CN-cyanide IO 4-periodate SCN-thiocyanate IO 3-iodate MnO 4-permanganate IO2-iodite OH-hydroxide IO-hypoiodite O2 2-peroxide BrO4-perbromate NH 2-amide BrO3-bromate SO 4 2-sulfate BrO i.e. Thus, a polyatomic ion is an ion that is composed of 2 or more atoms. Dichromate Cr 2 O 7-2-1 Anions Dibasic phosphate HPO 4-2 1=mono, 2=di, 3=tri, 4=tetra, 5=penta, 6=hexa, 7=hepta, 8=octa . For example, contains a nitrogen atom, three oxygen atoms, and the entire group has a charge of -1. NH. POLYATOMIC IONS CHART NAME: 1- Charge 2- Charge 3- Charge Aluminate AlO 2 − Tetraborate B 4 O 7 2-Arsenite AsO3 3− Metaborate BO An ion is an atom or molecule that has acquired an electric charge due to loss or gain of electrons. Polyatomic ions are groups of multiple atoms that have a charge (positive or negative). Memorization Hints: Polyatomic Ions Strontium Chloride = Strontium ions and Chloride ions = Sr+2 and Cl‐ = SrCl 2 Multiples of polyatomic ions require parenthesis Ammonium Sulfate = Ammonium ions and Sulfate ions = NH 4 + and SO 4 2‐ = (NH 4) 2SO 4 Calcium Phosphate = Calcium ions and Phosphate ions = Ca2+ and PO 4 3‐ = Ca 3(PO) 2 Polyatomic Ions To Memorize. acetate CH 3COO-1 acetylide -C 2 2 americyl AmO 2 +2 amide -NH 2 1 +1 ammonium +1NH 4 arsenate AsO 4-3 arsenite AsO 3-3-astatate AtO 3-1 azide -N 3 1 benzoate -C 6H 5COO-1 bicarbonate/hydrogen carbonate 3 HCO -1 binoxalate/hydrogen oxalate HOOCCOO-1 bismuthate BiO 3-1 bisulfate/hydrogen +1 Cations -2 Anions. Pre-AP Chemistry Polyatomic Ions List Students enrolled in Pre-AP Chemistry in SBISD will be expected to memorize the names and formulas of the following polyatomic ions prior to the nomenclature unit. O + hydronium SO. A List of Common Polyatomic Ions With Charges and Oxidation Numbers. The symbols shown below tell you what elements are in the ion, how many atoms of each, and the charge. 3 3– phosphite Students will not be expected to memorize any additional polyatomic ions for Pre-AP Chemistry courses taught in SBISD. Why? 2 – nitrite H. 3. Therefore: Per manganate MnO 4 1- ** Group IVA oxyanions have 2-charges instead of the expected 4-! Chemistry I Polyatomic Ions Here’s a list of common polyatomic ions and acids: Ion Name Acid Formula Acid Name NH4 + Ammonium* NO3-Nitrate HNO3 Nitric Acid NO2-Nitrite HNO2 Nitrous Acid OH-Hydroxide* HOH Water (not really an acid) CN-Cyanide HCN Hydrocyanic Acid SCN-Thiocyanate HSCN Thiocyanic Acid ClO4-Perchlorate* HClO4 Perchloric Acid Prefixes are used to specify the number of each atom present . 2. Ammonium NH 4 +1 Carbonate CO 3-2. POLYATOMIC IONS. 4 + ammonium NO. B. Binary Compounds between Two Nonmetals (molecular compounds) 1. Polyatomic Ions . If first atom is a single atom then prefix “mono’ is omitted .

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