Since 2003, SAIPA has produced a new five-door liftback model based on the Pride called the SAIPA 141, while continuing to sell the Iranian version of the Pride under the names SAIPA Saba GLXi (four-door sedan), SAIPA Nasim Safari (five-door wagon) and SAIPA Nasim DMi (five-door hatchback). Last Name. Until the Mazda 121 was replaced in late 1990, Kia-badged cars were only exported to certain tertiary markets. [12] In Japan at launch, the Festiva three-door was offered in L, L Special, S, Ghia, and Canvas Top specification levels. [20] European markets also received the 55 PS (40 kW) 1.1-liter B1 engine with a four-speed manual transmission. It was not related to the similarly sized and named Ford Fiesta, and was not replaced by the Ford Ka, which is smaller. Ford Aspire , Kia Avella — малый автомобиль, выпускавшийся компанией Kia Motors на заводе в Сеуле с 1994 года по 1997 год. [22] Both versions were powered by the overhead camshaft carbureted 1.3-liter B3 engine with the five-speed manual transmission; a three-speed automatic was optional for the five-door. Width 1704 mm. The version of the Festiva sold in Korea, from March 1994, was badged "Kia Avella". '94-'96 Ford Aspire 3-Door.jpg 1,243 × 559; 189 KB. Its powerful, BS VI compliant engine propels you ahead in life. The Aspire was available as a three- … It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. These engines were: Transmission options comprised a five-speed manual transmission, although all models could be optioned with a four-speed automatic. ALL VEHICLES. The Aspire was a little larger than the Festiva and certainly more Taurus -rounded in design, a distinctive change from the upright boxy Festiva. Pre-facelift Kia Avella Delta sedan (South Korea). [21] Where the Mazda was sold as a three-door hatchback, the Ford was sold initially as a five-door only. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Gamer wrote 1997? The following is a list of vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company under the Ford marque. You will need to fabricate a custom passenger bracket if you plan to swap a B6-DE, B8-ME or BP-ZE to your Festiva or Aspire. [4][25], The 2008 edition of Monash University's Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR), found that the first generation Festiva provides a "worse than average" (two out of five stars) level of safety in the event of an accident, in a comparison to other "light cars". Email. Optional equipment included air conditioning, power locks, power mirrors, power windows, folding rear seats, dimming interior mirror, a tachometer, and aluminum wheels. [12] The two base models featured a four-speed manual overdrive transmission, with the LX upgraded to a five-speed unit. An SE model available from 1994-1995 included a blue-faced gauge package with a tachometer, a rear spoiler, alloy wheels, fog lights, and "SE" badging. This was the last year for North American sales. 8.03. Category:Ford Aspire. Chinese production ended in December 2003.[33]. [9] The 121 ended production in 1990,[19] and was officially discontinued by Mazda Australia in February 1991. Wheelbase 2490 mm. Mobile . City. The name "Festiva" is derived from the Spanish word for "festive". Ford Aspire is a 5 seater Compact Sedan available in a price range of ₹ 6.09 - 8.64 Lakh. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Ford Aspire is available in Manual transmission only. [31] Sales of the relaunched model ended in June 2000.[24]. [26] The safety rating was not calculated solely on the basis of the protection of the vehicle's occupants, with protection for "cyclists, pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles" included to give a "better guide to the total community impact of vehicle safety. At this time, the 1.1-liter version was deleted. Request a Test Drive. Fuel injection appeared on the 1.3-liter-engined models in November 1994, referred to as the "1.3i". Ford Aspire has a boot space of 359 Liters litres and ground clearance of 174 mm. • Ford Aspire, a nameplate used on two different subcompact cars Confirmation. Class: Cars, Hatchback — Model origin: — Made for: Minor action vehicle or used in only a short scene . Its stylish design leaves a lasting impression. [9] Australian specification 121s were fitted with the 1.3-liter B3 engine, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The four-door sedan model, the Pride Beta, arrived in November 1990, and the range was completed by the three-door van and five-door wagon in February 1992. ... Ford Aspire (1994-1997, rebadged Kia Avella) primarily an American car but exported to Canada, Spain, Greece, Malta; Ford Bantam (1983-present, South Africa) Ford C100 (1981, Europe) Ford Capri (1961-1964, 1969-1986, Europe; 1989-1994, Australia) Ford Carousel (name for Cortina in Brazil) Ford … [31] There was also a panel van two-seater version in the UK and some other markets. Request a Test Drive. The Avella was the first South Korean car in its class to offer dual airbags and ABS-brakes. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. [6] The European premiere for the 121 was at the Geneva Auto Salon in March 1988. SAIPA has built the Kia Pride in Iran under license since 1993 and using up to 85 percent local parts as the SAIPA Pride from 2001 to 2005. New 1.5l Petrol Engine; SYNC ® ALL VEHICLES. Namaste Dosto, iss video me dekhiye Ford Aspire Facelift 2018 ka full review. Due to slow sales the SE model was dropped after 1995 along with all of its optional equipment. 1997? [11] Ford discontinued the Festiva in the Australian market in March 1994.[21]. Date: 11/12/07: Source: Own work: Author: IFCAR: Permission (Reusing this file) All Rights Released: Licensing . In August 1997, Ford announced the Aspire would be discontinued due to slow sales. It came in two and four door body styles, both hatchbacks. It has a special body kit and a prominent bonnet bulge, and went on sale on 1 December 1986. [6][11] The Festiva was facelifted in 1989, receiving a redesigned grille insert and tail lamp lenses. The 105 PS (77 kW) DOHC version was only available in the four-door Avella Delta. State. [13] Ford retailed the Japanese market Festiva via the Autorama dealership network. Australasia and Europe received the first version between 1987 and 1991 as the "Mazda 121". Petrol(km/l) 18.5. Festiva was sold in Japan, the Americas, and Australia. [6][7] The Mazda-designed and built three-door hatchback was launched in Japan in February 1986 under the name "Ford Festiva", with the 1.1 and 1.3-liter engines. 1994 Ford Aspire in Just Cause, 1995 . The facelifted Ford Aspire compact sedan will come incorporating Dragon series petrol engines that will make debut in the country with the Ford EcoSport facelift. [28] An interesting design feature was that the rear seat back could be reclined somewhat, and the seat could be moved longitudinally, adding up to 50 litres (11 imp gal) of space to the otherwise very small luggage compartment. [37] Available in sedan (Avella Delta), three-door and five-door hatchback body styles. The second generation Festiva continued to be sold in Australia until 2000 when it was replaced by the Ford Ka. These redundant reflectors, coupled with the orange side indicator repeater (which is not required in the U.S., and was not included on the Aspire) make for a unique side profile. Prior to its South Korean market release, exports as the Festiva had begun in December 1986 to Japan and the United States. The Pride was sold in four-door sedan form (in LX, GTX, and β trim levels), as well as three- and five-door hatchback forms (the CD-5) and five-door wagon body styles. The Ford Festiva is a subcompact car that was marketed by Ford between 1986 and 2002. While it was sold in certain markets as a second generation Festiva, Ford renamed it the "Aspire" in North American markets, where the five-door model was offered for the first time. The Pride was replaced in 2000 by the Rio. Kia ended production of the Pride in 2000. The second model Ford Festiva was jointly developed between Kia and Ford, retaining most of the drivetrain of the previous model with a more rounded body style. Mileage as per ARAI Aspire-overview-fuel-economy. 1994 Ford Aspire in Danika, 2006 . Public domain Public domain false false: I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. The Aspire was dropped from the Ford range in the United States after 1997. Compared to these versions, the SAIPA 141 features revised rear styling with a longer liftback tail, and different interior design. [27] In Europe, the car's ventilation system, developed with American consumers in mind, was notable for its refinement for the class. The Aspire will finally be replaced in Ford's North American lineup by the Ford Fiesta in 2010, as the spot it left vacant had not been filled since its cancellation. Ford Figo Aspire. Ford introduced the all-new Aspire in 1994 as a replacement for the departed Festiva. Ford India launched the second generation Figo in 2015, six years after the initial launch. Español 1 641 000+ artículos. Hume Ford Aspire ke teeno engine viz. [31] December 1995 saw the Start 1.3i three-door replace the L, and the Pride was then briefly discontinued in the UK in January 1999. It is mentioned in Craig Cheetham's book "The World's Worst Cars". Sales of the Kia Avella totalled 115,576 in 1994 but dropped to only 27,850 in 1998. In 1997, the Festiva received a new front bumper with an oval grille, reshaped headlamps, and other minor changes. The Ford Aspire is here to set you apart from others. The second generation Figo is available in three engine options. The base model also lost its optional alloy wheels and rear wiper, making the Aspire a true "stripper" of a car. Jiangsu Yueda Auto Works (later Yueda Kia Motors, currently Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motors) began assembly of the Pride in 1997. Transmission options were a three-speed or four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual. The kerb weight of Aspire 2018 is 1063-1091 Kg. Author Message; Gamer 2015-09-15 17:41. "[26], Mazda began selling the 121 as a single three-door hatchback body variant in 1987 to sit below the larger 323 model. Check out the latest Ford Aspire prices. [12] Optional power steering was deleted for 1992, and the GL gained alloy wheels and the availability of a "sport" package. A tendency to rust, rear brake lamp assemblies prone to water leaks, and chassis problems were among its weak points. [12] For the 1991 model year, the L Plus and LX models were combined into a single GL trim. The 1.1 was only available as a three-door in the basic L trim (whitewall tyres were a commonplace feature on them). Italiano 1 652 000+ voci. Like the first generation, the 2008 edition of the Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR) by Monash University in Australia found the second series Festiva to provide a "worse than average" (two out of five stars) safety protection level in the event of an accident. [16] Ford released a minor facelift in North America for the 1990 model year. [12] Ford also replaced the manual front seat belts with motorized versions, and fitted manual rear seat belts as standard. [20][29][30], Pre-facelift Mazda 121 shades (Australia), Pre-facelift Mazda 121 fun top, with canvas roof (Australia). The Pride launched in the United Kingdom in June 1991, fitted with both the 1.1- B1 and 1.3-liter B3 engines. Power steering was only available with the five-door automatic. Media in category "Ford Aspire" The following 13 files are in this category, out of 13 total. Dimensions and Weight of Ford Aspire 1.2 Ti-VCT Ambiente (Petrol) Length 3995 mm. 1994-1996 Ford Aspire photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Disclaimer. Ford (USA) Aspire specifications: versions & types. 1.5l Diesel Engine. Ford introduced the all-new Aspire in 1994 as a replacement for the departed Festiva. The transmission mounts should be left untouched unless you plan to do a transmission swap. The Ford Aspire with the latest 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol BSVI compliant engine delivers superior power at 96PS (70.79kW) with an impressive fuel economy of 20.4km/l new-aspire-power. In November 1993 the Pride received a minor facelift and production was also moved to Kia's Asia Motors subsidiary's Gwangju plant as Kia focused on the new Avella (Ford Aspire/WB Festiva). Production continued until Mazda ceased manufacture of the equivalent Demio in 2002. In this video, we explain how this car has performed over the said duration of time and explain all its pros and cons. Instead of housing orange reflectors/lights at the front sides and red reflectors/lights at the rear sides, there are non-lit orange reflectors at all four locations. Price starts from. Ford Aspire Alternatives Honda Amaze 5.93 – 9.79 Lakh. The Ford Aspire was the second-generation of the Ford Festiva subcompact car sold by Ford Motor Company in the US and Canada from 1994 to 1997. [1], The Kia Pride firstly involved in a joint venture in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province with automobile company Guangtong Motors, where they were producing cars under a licence. The new Ford Ka was introduced in the 2014 São Paulo Motor Show, becoming available on the market in August of that year and presented at the 2015 Buenos Aires Motor Show. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Deutsch 2 503 000+ Artikel. This ongoing production has been in parallel to the second generation Festiva introduced in 1993, sold as the Ford Aspire in North America and Kia Avella in South Korea and other markets. The Aspire had very few options for the base model: cassette player, automatic transmission, rear defrost and wiper, alloy wheels, and a comfort and convenience package that had several minor interior upgrades. Основные узлы и двигатель … First Name. This new Festiva was slightly longer, wider, more aerodynamic, and suspended by MacPherson struts in the front and a torsion beamaxle in the rear. Kerb Weight 1016-1043 kg. The last one rolled off the assembly line on September 26, 1997. Confirmation. In this duration, it has clocked 4,000 kms out of the total 11,000 kms on its odometer of which majority have been covered in the city.

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